Adviser Opportunities Using The Web And Social Media - Slideshare

This presentation was recently used at a financial adviser conference.The Challenge -To raise awareness as to how the new Web and Social Media platforms can be used to create more business opportunities.

This presentation does raise quite a few issues. We're finding that financial advisers are well aware of social media, as you'll see most are 'on it' in some shape or form. The challenge is to break through the mystery and implement the opportunities.

There are several messages in the presentation and the most important is that Financial Advisers are 'Ready Made' for Social Media

Another critical opportunity is that large organisations are struggling with Social Media. There are many reasons for this but we believe it comes down to the simple fact that it is hard to have a 'social' relationship with a financial institution. However, it is easy to be social with 'individuals' and small businesses.

To view the notes written for the presentation you will need to download the presentation. Alternatively, you can download the Power Point file directly using the the download button

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One question to you as an adviser-How many client presentations do you have?

You can load them up at just as we have and share them as blog posts, use them on social media, email the links to prospects, clients and referral partners. It's all just a few clicks away.