Financial Advisers - How to Write A Great Blog Post

Blog posts are now essential for adviser websites. They provide you and your business the opportunity to show your target market, prospects and clients as to how you can add value. Creating quality blog posts will also give your website a 'boost' in Google and other search engine rankings. This will of course drive more people to your website and create business opportunities.

This short four minute YouTube video reviews three blog posts, all written by financial advisers. The blog posts are quite different in terms of content and style; yet each one is 'engaging' their chosen target market.

There is only so much we can put into a short video like this, there is of course a lot more that can be learnt. Feel free to contact us directly for additional support.

Prior to making the video we asked 'Twitter' for tips that are required for a Great Blog Post - We have grouped them altogether and available on the link below

What Makes A Great Blog Post

If you have any tips of your own, please share by making comments below or joining the conversation on Twitter using #gr8blogpost

Our 'ever popular' post - Blogging For Finance Professionals is also a good source of information about blogging.