Time For A FOFA Change?

For financial advisers all over Australia, FOFA is the only game in town - But should it be that way? There is no doubt that FoFA will create new challenges for financial advisers, but in my opinion, the public will decide the future of financial planning here in Australia, not government legislation. After all, the general public have no idea what FOFA is and they will be totally disinterested in having it explained to them.

My blog post at IFA - The Public, Not FOFA, Will Shape Financial Planning In 2013 explains more of my logic.

FOFA does create a real opportunity for financial advisers to review their strategic marketing.

Yes it is time for a change so let's make a FOFA change for the better.

Below is a brief presentation that I ran through on a recent webinar titled - Get Ahead Of FOFA. My role was to focus upon how new technology can help advisers to sell their value proposition and save time.

The presentation does contain brief notes for each slide but you must download the presentation file to access the notes. To download, click on the slideshare icon, bottom left hand side and you will be re-directed to the presentation at slideshre.net. Here you can download and save the file.


Time For A FOFA Change


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In the presentation Nimble.com is mentioned as a CRM tool. Nimble is leading the pack in the new wave of social CRM systems. If you want more information, just contact us and we can assist.

If you are interested in the format of the slides, we used a free iPad download - Haiku.

photo credit: _Hadock_ via photopincc