Web and Social Media Trends - What You Need To Know

Web and Social Media Conversations

The feature of this post is a Google Hangout conversation with Robert Caruso, a social media professional and owner of Bundle Post. This post was created for a number of reasons, not least to demonstrate how you can implement new tools like Google Hangouts into your own business.

Google Hangouts allow you to do many things, one of course is the ability to record the conversations and to also put them 'On Air' for others to watch and interact with your business.

Most business people will use the Hangout option to communicate with teams as you can have up to 10 people conversing at the same time.

It is also a great option with clients when it may well be more convenient for the client to have a chat on the Hangout and include other professional advisers and family members. While chatting you can swap documents and do a host of other things.

I used the Hangout as an opportunity to connect with Robert Caruso, a true professional in the world of social media and get him to share his thoughts.

Please have a look at the video which runs just shy of 10 minutes. We discuss the current trends for the web and social media, along with the opportunities and challenges for businesses to get ahead of their competitors.

Conversation take-outs include:

  • Consumer behaviour on the web has changed dramatically over the past 12 months
  • Consumers want to connect and have you to inform them
  • Social media is not a sprint but a marathon - However, the gun went off 4 years ago
  • Good content leads to great conversations which lead to strong relationships that lead to ROI (Return On Investment)
  • To be efficient have a 'Tool Stack' - Hootsuite, Nimble and Bundle Post
  • Social media might be a mind shift, but it is also a massive time shift. You have to put in the time and-or resources
  • For businesses that don't get involved right now with social media, it will be a very difficult conversation for their business in 2 years time
  • Be careful chasing bright shiny new tools - You might end up in someone's boat - Dead!

The quality of the video is a bit shaky at times, (technology is still not perfect), but I trust you enjoy the conversation and that it prompts you to take some action. More conversations will follow and in different formats. Important Announcement - We are now tagging our videos so that you can simply click and immediately start watching  your selection of any video - Pretty damn cool!



To contact Robert Caruso you can follow him on twitter @fondalo,  Google Plus and his website Bundle Post.